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Investment processes in fixed income are complex and inefficient. Advisors are often faced with missed trade opportunities. It is additionally difficult to ensure compliance with clients’ shifting goals and constraints. Against such complexity, the opportunity to provide superior service and a great customer experience is often lost.



Powered by machine learning, BondIT helps fixed income advisors make smarter recommendations, enhance client engagement, and accelerate trade flows. With BondIT, missed opportunities and sub-optimal, inconsistent recommendations become a thing of the past.

Fixed income solution for wealth and asset management.



Data, Algo,






BondIT enables advisors to get a real boost to their productivity by automating the portfolio construction, return optimisation, analytics, and risk monitoring processes in fixed income investments.

Boost Client Engagement

Get personal with algo-optimised portfolios and trade ideas that are tailored to individual client’s requirements and constraints

Accelerate Trade Flows

Eliminate missed opportunities as you cut down the turnaround time from idea and advice generation to trade execution.

Monitor and Manage Risks Better

Visualise risks and returns better with portfolio analytics. Manage client portfolios and risk changes in aggregate with smart alerts

Enhance Compliance

Give more consistent advice that meets clients' goals and constraints that are yet aligned with product risk guidelines

The Product.
Smart Portfolio Generation

  • Goal and constraint based efficient bond portfolio generation

  • Bond ideas from custom universe accounting for client risk profiles

  • Portfolio analytics with intuitive graphics to illustrate risk and return attributes

  • Aggregated client risk management with smart alerts and investment reporting

  • Scalable active portfolio optimisation tailored for individual client

  • Rebalancing recommendations backed by portfolio and risk analytics