Improve Existing Portfolios Instantly

View full analytics for your clients' portfolios and generate algo-driven improved portfolios with excess yield or minimized risk

Generate Customized Bond Portfolios in 90 Seconds

Set your clients' target goals and constraints to have BondIT produce portfolios tailor-made for each client

Actionable Recommendations for Bond Investments

Rebalance made easy with machine-learning capabilities to offer the best bond investments for your client's portfolios

Automatic Monitoring Generating Intelligent Alerts

Constant monitoring keeps you up to date yielding customized alerts to events you care most about

Digital-Advice Fixed Income Solution for Portfolio Managers and Advisors
Fixed Income Advisory Revolution

BondIT empowers fixed income investment managers with data-driven portfolio construction, optimization, rebalance, analysis and monitoring capabilities. The SaaS platform and easy- to-use interface makes the solution highly accessible.
With BondIT you can construct optimized portfolios within 90 seconds. You can use dozens of portfolio level and bond level constraints. The constraints can be simple static (filter) ones or complex dynamic (range of weights) constraints - thus allowing you to easily construct tailor-made portfolios for your customer.
Furthermore, it provides on-the-spot comprehensive analysis and improvement suggestions for imported and existing portfolios, making it a powerful client acquisition tool.
The BondIT solution is designed to enhance the entire bond portfolio management life-cycle with actionable analytics and algorithmic recommendations for buying, selling and replacing bonds in the portfolio.

Designed & Built Especially for You!

The BondIT solution is B2B oriented – it was designed to empower financial advisers with algorithmic data-driven recommendations. We didn't do it alone. For 3 years we have learned from fixed-income experts about their workflow and needs. We have enjoyed the expertise of dozens of design partners and pilot users from various segments of the investments industry, to create a solution that is tailor-made to your needs.
We specialize in fixed-income - and as widely known this is not a simple specialization. It requires handling complicated, and at times completely absent, financial data with advanced data analytics methods and propriety machine-learning algorithms. It also requires customization to the needs and workflows of fixed-income advisory management including multiple bond and portfolio level constraints, limits on the number of bonds in the recommendation, several re-allocate and re-balance functionalities, monitoring, alerts and reporting capabilities and much more.
We don't stop learning. We keep learning from our customers on a daily basis to create the best solution for them. We put your end-customer needs at the center of our solution, allowing you to continue providing customer-focused service and exceptional tailor-made customer experience.
We were blessed with an amazing team of financial, data analytics and software experts who are developing advanced proprietary machine-learning algorithm and easy to use UI.
BondIT is where the Big Data Analytics revolution meets the world of bonds. We arm you with the data analytics technology allowing you to excel in what you do best – providing unique expert financial advice to your clients.

Fixed Income Expert? BondIT is for you!
Private Banking

Arm your relationship managers with algo-based advice to drive up bond sales via unprecedented client satisfaction delivered in record time

Investment Managers

Increase your AUM and level the playing field with access to tens of thousands of bonds and powerful analytics leading to smarter investments

Corporate Treasurers

Cut your fees in half by controlling the investment process while outperforming your current advisor's recommendations

BondIT Anywhere
SaaS - Cloud Based Solution

Save all the tech hustle for us. With the BondIT SaaS web-based solution you can easily and securely manage your portfolios with no need for any additional IT infrastructure

On Premise

For large organization who prefer to manage their own infrastructure, the BondIT platform can be provided as on premise solution

Customized Integration

The BondIT platform can be integrated into various financial software and data sources to create a complete and seamless workflow

Private Banking - Acquiring New Customer

"On Monday morning I got a call from a prospective client, asking about what our bank has to offer, since he has heard mixed reviews. Instead of going into the usual spiel ("unparalleled research, best client service etc.") I tell him about a new software we have that instantly imports and improves portfolios. He bites, and tells me his 12 positions over the phone. I punch them into BondIT, hit the "Improve Me" button and chat him up about his goals for a minute and a half. BondIT found a way to enhance his YTM by 70 basis points while maintaining his risk. He was so surprised by the prompt response and excess yield that he setup a face to face meeting. Long story short, I converted a $3mm client in a few minutes".

Private Wealth Manager - Improved Customer Experience

"When clients turn to boutique investment managing, they expect to receive personal care, the utmost attention to detail and expertise. By using the BondIT system, I am able to best match the clients’ specifications both in the portfolio building process, as well as in the current activities that cover all the constraints set by even the most sophisticated client. More over, using the alert and report mechanism I was able to proactively engage the customers, gaining praises for quality service".