fixed Income Analytics

The data analytics, machine learning revolution has hit the financial markets, providing investors the chance to capitalize on the plethora of suddenly available information.  BondIT proudly brings cutting edge technology to the field of fixed income, making innovative, smart portfolio construction available for the first time in such a friendly, user-focused way. The BondIT platform empowers financial advisers with:

– State-of-the-art machine-learning and big data technology

– Proprietary algorithmic tools to successfully navigate the challenging fixed-income world

– Flexible construction and rebalancing tools that handle numerous constraints dimensions, be it markets or clients

fixed income Portfolio Optimization

Equipped with cutting-edge proprietary optimization algorithms, the BondIT platform provides the financial adviser with complete control over portfolio architecture and design.  With the assistance of carefully designed construction and rebalancing tools, the adviser can surgically steer the portfolio according to specific constraints from the client along with various market conditions, reacting to an ever changing financial world. The in-house algorithms are designed to enable careful and exact navigation within the unstable, and at times, hazardous fixed-income world so that the desired targets can be reached with minimal risk.

Machine Learning in fixed income analytics

Machine-learning technology is the backbone of the BondIT platform.  In-house developed technology allows for precise aggregation and careful analysis of intricate fixed-income data. Our constraint based mathematical formulation along with proprietary algorithms, allows for maximum flexibility in setting portfolio goals and ensures the stability of the recommended transactions and constructed portfolio.  Cutting-edge machine-learning algorithms sift through the data, unearthing hidden trends and locating intangibles, in providing recommendations fitting the client’s wishes.  BondIT’s ultimate goal is to provide the best possible tools in a friendly and easy to use way so that an intelligent portfolio can be constructed, perfectly meeting the client’s wishes and risk profile.