Driving Sales While Improving Your Client's Experience
Fixed Income Analytics. portfolio managment
Fixed Income Advisory Revolution

BondIT drives sales by empowering relationship managers and trading desks with data-driven, personalized, optimal investment recommendations thus increasing trade flow and revenues. BondIT improves the customer's experience by constructing tailor-made, intelligent portfolios and providing on-demand, timely, comprehensive reports. BondIT improves portfolio management efficiency by enabling construction, reallocation and re-balance of optimal bond portfolios in a few minutes and by reducing friction between the fixed income desk and the relationship manager.
BondIT provides sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, tools backed by proprietary machine learning algorithms.
We transform fixed-income advisory by bringing it to the digital data-analytics era.

What Can BondIT do for You?

Enough fluff, what is it that we do?
We automate optimizing fixed-income portfolio creation and management by relying on your understanding of the client's constraints (12 different dimensions) and goals (target yield, minimizing risk, Sharpe optimized). Everything is very intuitive and after 15 minutes you'll feel you've been using BondIT for ages.
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December 2nd, 2016BondIT has been awarded the Most Innovative Solutions Provider by Asian Private Banker September 15th, 2016BondIT has been selected as a 2016 Red Herring Top 100 Asia Winner August 7th, 2016BondIT has been recognised as a top 10 Portfolio Analytics Solution Providers for Capital Markets by Capital Markets CIO Outlook July 10th, 2016BondIT has been selected to demo at Finovate Fall 2016 in NYC March 1st, 2016:BondIT has been selected as a finalist in the FinTech Innovation Awards 2016 - in Wealth, Asset and Investment Management category February 8th, 2016:BondIT was awarded a Seal of Excellence by the European Union February 4th, 2016:BondIT was nominated for the European FinTech Awards 2016. Putting us among the most promising and innovative European FinTech companies January 25th, 2016:BondIt was selected to present in FF16 - 2016 Fintech Finals in Hong Kong, pitching to over 500 financial experts October 28th, 2015:BondIT was chosen to speak in "Battle of the Quants", London October 27th, 2015:BondIT was chosen to speak at the DVFA FinTech Forum, Frankfurt October 12th, 2015:BondIT was chosen to present at the 6th FinTech Forum July 12th, 2015:BondIT was handpicked for the Accentuer's Fintech Innovation Lab - Asia Pacific July 8th, 2015:BondIT was handpicked for the Startupbootcamp FinTech London accelerator
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FinTech Innovation Awards 2016 - in Wealth, Asset and Investment Management category
Private Banking - Acquiring New Customer

"On Monday morning I got a call from a prospective client, asking about what our bank has to offer, since he has heard mixed reviews. Instead of going into the usual spiel ("unparalleled research, best client service etc.") I tell him about a new software we have that instantly imports and improves portfolios. He bites, and tells me his 12 positions over the phone. I punch them into BondIT, hit the "Improve Me" button and chat him up about his goals for a minute and a half. BondIT found a way to enhance his YTM by 70 basis points while maintaining his risk. He was so surprised by the prompt response and excess yield that he setup a face to face meeting. Long story short, I converted a $3mm client in a few minutes".

Private Wealth Manager - Improved Customer Experience

"When clients turn to boutique investment managing, they expect to receive personal care, the utmost attention to detail and expertise. By using the BondIT system, I am able to best match the clients’ specifications both in the portfolio building process, as well as in the current activities that cover all the constraints set by even the most sophisticated client. More over, using the alert and report mechanism I was able to proactively engage the customers, gaining praises for quality service".